Abandoned places.

She found me,
She laid my head
down and out.
We'd seen our fathers' blood,
Burning pages,
Those words we dread,
Act one, corroding,
A loss of innocence,
A wish, it seems,
And pious scenes,
As we fell on swords
to a fault,
Arduous treason.

It would take
a two-fold eternity
to wash all those moments
off of me.
Hopeless and lost in
suburban pools
of her words,
I never could swim,
And it was the last drops
that pulled me under
as they passed.

She flashed a grin,
Coughed an apology,
And when I
stood to go,
Took my hand
like a scared child.
Could she have stayed
if I'd held my grip longer?
I'm no saint,
But I lost myself that year,
Abated breaths
I watched,
Brindle days at rest,
As our quivering hearts
Fleeted death.

The End

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