ink pens bleed black and don't you wish we were the same way

im tired and sad and still crying over orlando and i dont know if im going to be able to go to pride this year because i cant stop drowning in sadness and self-hatred. it hasnt been a good couple weeks.

and there are few things
sadder than a failed love story

if only because we as a human race 
have so much faith in love as an enabler
and we don't admit how much we mourn those lost
as much as we celebrate the gaining of new loves

because it's in our biology 
to not be alone

and we are so willing 
to shut our eyes and pretend it's all working out
the way we do when we wish that believing in things makes them real

and i can't tell you love doesn't hurt 
can't tell you it doesn't hurt more than anything else in the world 

but i don't know why we wrap ourselves in the failure of it 
and cry over blind faith turned misery 

because there is no time for letting go 
so i bid you to try and look more for new love
healthy love

and hope you can leave the bad kinds of love alone. 

The End

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