WINGS  Kaycee Chesnut

A girl only someone an imagjen,

the hair of golden joy,

eyes as silver as the sky is blue,

and takes the world like it's a toy.

The hands of a woman

the dreams of a kid,

the life of a rebel,

the hope by a bid.

Her two monarch wings,

that flutter and glint,

abosrbing the sunlight

the aroma of mint.

She dreams of her life

as she soars through the sky,

her majic so ceased,

only her love can now fly,


A scent of a battle,

and blood in the air,

she bravely steps forward,

and takes to the air,

he dreams lie below her

her future above,

her hopes pushed behind her,

and all thats left is love.

A survivor of fire,

and death by the sand,

lost her life in the town,

she thought she once had.


depression hangs low like the stink in the air,

lost in a world of confusion and lies,

her mission compleat , her life in order,

she smiles as she happely dies.

"It's all okay," she tells herself

the sun burning down on her face,

she lies in the ruins of her once happy town.

and prepares a meeting with the fates.

The girl with wings can't live so long,

her fame may die along too.

But forever in the eharts of the ones she loved,

she'll be in the skies where she once flew.



The End

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