Injustice 2011:AmericaMature

A poem I wrote to release the political thoughts trapped in my head after the current political situation in my home of America. For those of you who don't know we now have an entire network demonizing teachers as fat cats, states stripping union rights, a third war, and a president who didn't follow through on his promises.




A word that passes along so many lips,

Thrown by teens who think themselves rebels,

Recalled by those who took action,

Who receded into the background,

When Father Time came knocking.


Ask anyone,

Ask anyone anywhere,

Something is wrong.


Something always needs to be fixed,

Something always need to be done.


By someone else.


Always by someone else.


America rots.


We live in a country,

In a place,

Where we complain,

We moan.


And do nothing.


We pretend our elections mean something.


Pretend that those in power truly care.


The left is afraid to offend voters,

The right is afraid to anger big business.


People rot.


People die.


Gang wars rage,

Drugs seep into the youth.


We go to war,

So much war,

So much debt.


We cut,

We cut so much,

We cut domestics,

We cut unions,

We cut schools,

We cut welfare,

We cut well-being itself.


But our missiles must remain untouched,

Our bullets unsoiled,

Our tanks holy,

Our soldiers buried.


The religion of America,

Is not Christianity.


Our religion is money,

Money and guns,

Bills in one hand,

Death in the other.


We tout it to the world,

Claim the answers,

Say we are God blessed,

Are the favored children,

Alone we will police the world,

Alone we will work in humanity's best interest,


We are the best.


When will we awaken?

When will we see the horror?

The big joke?






They seem in the past,

Gone in the dusts of history.


They never left.



Our friend,

Our partner,

The only stable thing in the,




Machine we know.

The End

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