Injured Soldier

This is about something that just happened. A parade was going on, and the float with the wounded veterans was struck by a train.

Injured Soldiers

Veterans day approaches,
The smile on the men’s faces glow.
They will have a parade,
With floats,
And joy.
All dedicated to freedom
That they fought for.
They went to war;
Came back bloody and broken.
They were finally being recognized,
Finally getting a token.
They sit on the float,
And cross the train tracks.
The train can’t stop;
It keeps plowing through.
The veterans are hit,
Once again.
Screams break out in the crowd,
Horror is on everyone’s face.
It was such a tragedy,
Such a depressing moment.
Those who fought for us,
Were struck on their own ground.
Their souls fly high,
Off of the ground.

The End

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