Injected Affection

Tried to catch the feeling of loss long distance relationships cause.

Acidic attributes of addiction,
Like a craving I can’t sustain,
The docile dependence on affection drives us crazy,
Freeform pull like magnets dancing on polished glass,
Hoping it’s more than just a Coke can crush.

Hunger for my heroin heroine habit,
Wet thirst drying out my lips,
Forming cracks that need kisses to heal,
A mushroom cloud of disappointment forms,
My appetite remains unnourished.

Memories of ice cold kisses send shivers,
On a warm August afternoon,
Calendar days marked with red felt tip,
In our time line tic-tac-toe,
A lonely circle drawing closer,
Hints at the next hit of my class A girl.

The End

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