Kyla. Kai-Lah.
The power of a name brings many things to light,
Notleast how I knew you,
Never once saw through you
And rhymed just to keep the pace alive.

Oh, Love, to think I ever saw your face,
Masks and flames,
Shadows and soliloquies for audiences
You keep me tied to this pitch-lined floor.

Three years wasted
And I do believe we never set sail.
If we're shipwrecked, then I'll drown
rather than see this through,
Mirages fading to reality
And all that I never believed to be true,
That she was everything
And I never won but a penny
Of your mind.

You have me crying on buses,
Looking out the corner of my eye,
Dragging my feet in the dust
And apologising for wanting to
Talk you down.

I saw myself in ten years as your wife
and yet I could never let a life
be bargained with.

Lucifer, take me, take me now
Or else all hope is lost.

Open up your door
And do not dim the light,
I wish to see my sin for what it really is,
Twisted by the moonlight,
Down among the narcissi,
He waits for me,
Calling me ever closer,
And I never did want to refuse
the cry
that would break me from this explosion
Of sorts, of signs
Better left unsaid,

The End

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