Infinity for Eternity

What goes on beyond your simple window frame, where the stars reside and nature rules over the earth.

Though all of man's thoughts are as vast as cosmic space

nothing is as perfect as the imagination in this case,

what lies beyond the high pines against arctic night skies

galaxies and their mustered stars and nebulas unseen by eyes.

The distant air gusts and the sparkles above in the dark ocean

raises all thoughts of the human mind beyond emotion,

for the complexity of our vast mind is like that

of the complication of galactic splat.

The splatter of solar births and solar deaths

a beautiful brilliance takes away one's breaths,

and space as an enigma can't be reached

through the imagination widely it can be preached.

For in a way man is more intelligent than an average man from Mars

and in a way man is controler of the stars,

and shall we explore space mentaly until its vast reaches to infinity

from exotic oblivions to andromadons of paradise, now for eternity.




The End

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