Infinity And The Mystery of Mind

The first poem that I would like to publish is called "Infinity and the Mystery of Mind". The reason for my decision to place this poem first is because, of all my poems, this one is kind of my favorite. I began writing this poem, and it just effortlessly flowed from the pen onto the paper, and became a complete unit within a few seconds, literally... and I have not yet felt the urge to edit it at all. Some readers may disagree, but to me specifically, this poem is special, and perfectly "me".

I was alone that night-

a giant amber moon

was hanging low

upon a silent ocean-

the velvet sky

of midnight blue was lined

with mystic brilliance-



timeless beauty incarnate...


I couldn't help

but look towards

the vastness of it all-


the Milky Way and its Infinity...


could anybody ever comprehend

the all-encompassing

eternal vastness of Infinity?


I tried to focus on a spot

beyond the line of stars

and failed miserably


I became hopelessly overwhelmed

by the incomprehensible

and timeless beauty of it all...


this Mastermind-creation

hanging loose

and bound by nothing


and then I saw a shooting star...


following with my eyes

its downward path

I realized

that this was really not

Infinity at all...


Infinity carries on...

and on beyond the stars...

and never ends...

this Galaxy is but

an insignificant part of it...


and suddenly the giant moon

seemed nothing but a tiny speck

against the outstretched

velvet depth of vacuum filled

with millions of stars...


and into the infinite expanse

it faded into non-existence...


and then I understood Infinity


but realized

that I could never


the Mystery of Mind at all...


for however vast the Universe:

it snugly fits within

the confines of my thoughts...


never forgotten,

the beauty of the amber moon

still glows within my mind-

will never stop glowing

unless I stop thinking back

to that night...


Mind has the potential of

confining God's creation

within a nutshell...

and the mere thought of that

just blew my mind that night-


and I realized that,

knowing just how within reach

all else could be...


I would never have to be

alone again...


© 2015 Antoinette LeRoux

The End

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