Infinite Stare

About order and chaos, life and its beginnings, and ends. Wrote this a while back as the title popped randomly into my head.

Try as I might

I cannot hide

From your infinite stare

I look away and cover my eyes

But you are always there.


From the cracks in the plaster

To the mold inside the walls

From the patterns in my veins

As nighttime coldly falls

Try as I might

I cannot ignore

Your infinite stare.


An inverted world you bring upon

One where everything is blind

But somehow sees

When color melts away

When the sun dies and hair goes gray

You will always be there

To petrify the animate

With your infinite stare.


But try as you might

You cannot comprehend

Why we dare to look upon you

After all you put us through

After all the strings you snipped

We too will always be there

Regardless of your infinite stare.

The End

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