infinite possibilities

nothing is set in stone

leaveing  ground

running back home

sit with me under my  golden tree

live with me underneath the sea

dance with me like hungry wolfs

breath with me in a pranic state

forever  in your warm embrace

travel under deep blue sky

wakeing up the dead

loveing them in Gods eyes

invisible to the naked eye

there is a sense

a mother cant deny

laugh with me in enlightenment

dance with me in the rain

love my every cell

that heaven can live here once again

everything in balance

a world of universal love

into the breath of fire

i am truely the element of love

open you eyes the father says

intellgence will come

open your heart in redness roots

the love of all wise ones

come with me to paris

live with me in rome

anywhere is God

 everywhere is home

games i set aside

the truth is in a safe alive

brothers and sisters

we are finding eachother

into a rich world of infinite coulor

feeling of graditude

i am greatful for this

of infinite possibilities

on your blissful lips

one kiss

one day

one hour

one way

The End

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