Inexperienced Application of Pizza Topping

A poem about an aspiring dinner party host making a pizza with a problematic topping that opens himself to the criticism of his foodie guests.

Inside the five hundred degree home oven,

pizza toppings of broccoli florets blanched, drained in haste, then

knifed into wafers with measured blade-side-knuckle-sliding strokes

knocking the old scored cutting board,

issue water that puddles in the pockets

of the crisp-patched melted cheese sheet

that entered the oven as evenly spaced slices.

The vegetable discharge seeps through

the tanning twitching troughs of hot goo

into the firming dough of the spongy base,

which will create a soggy crust over which

the critiques of the prematurely invited foodie guests

will make the aspiring dinner party host sorry.

The End

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