Inescapable irritation

Ever had this one person, whose entire purpose in existence seemed to be to come off as the most dislikeable person every? Well this poem explains what it is like to live your life seeing them in the mirror every night and day

People often question me
Often they have durst
Claim they bare too much, you see
But I have born the worst.

The hateful, spiteful enemy, lingers at my side
Can't enjoy a single kindness
Bereft of puerile pride

He scorns the lap of luxury, he scorns a moment dear
He sees grotesque calamaties, yet sits content and cheers
So you think I am a misery, thank god! It makes me glad!
A simple smile or warm emotion, and dear you would be mad!

I'm left inside a void
of contemplation, in bed
by a mumbling I'm annoyed
upright, spite in my head

I've blamed my friends, I've blamed my foes
But now I know!
I'm bane concealed in ill cut clothes!

When I say these things, some do suggest
My ailment is that I'm depressed
But I oh so rarely cry.
And when I bare a foppish grin I see hatred in their eyes
When kind my mind exposes sins, and they pose these accusations
So truly it seems I cannot win, and believe me I have tried

The End

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