The life of a man fleeing the loss of his lover, and the pain, confusion and hopelessness that lurks in his shadow along the way.

The dwindling call of forgotten dreams

Bittersweet refrains on highways of air.

Oh long weaving road through land’s rough strung seams;

My warm loving home, ah! That I’d be there!

Far from it I lead the trail of my life,

Old choices the dust I kick off my boots.

I brush off my hate, my hope and my strife

And follow along my cold lonely route.

Who crawls in the shadows of travelers?

Who haunts the silence of my cheerless trek?

He that reminds me how my heart was hers

He that draws me to my disastrous wreck

But it was she not I that died that day

Leaving the road of regret as my way.

The End

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