loneliness and the inability to make up my mind

in that moment

dreary thursday twilight

stuck in the same old intersection

i waited


for the lights to change

for the sky to clear

for the world to slow

for some kind of sense


the lone passenger on the rush-hour bus

anomaly at the very first sight

wading in my pool of quicksand

in that moment


when time seemed to solidify

struggling to trickle by

and yet, in that other world out there,

it flew

past the dusty windscreen

past the groaning wheels

past this empty confinement

past myself


when clouds floated so quickly

as though broken on forward

and the world seemed to move on

as i trudged behind

reaching out for those swirls, once identifiable

reaching out for dreams, once concrete

reaching out for what is now

nought more than condensed air


and the obedience to inertia left me breathless

shoulder blades pressed against old coverings

of the seat of that rush-hour bus

starting up

and leaving me behind

just that split second too long

The End

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