Incessant Tortures

My first poem, which I begun after I had a self realization about my tendency to let my emotions overshadow my better judgement, resulting in problems in my life. It also focuses a lot on a, more exaggerated, self analysis on a problem I'm working on, that problem being that I tend to get stuck in the good days of the past, and its very hard, perhaps even impossible, to be happy without letting go of the past, and moving on.
it's got a bit of my own personal philosophies i have thought about in

I'm afraid I'm being foolish
As a result of my blindness, blind trust
My complete immersion in emotion
Judgement blurred
Inhibitions lowered
I live my life for the moment
And cherish each one
Life never stays one way
But when they're a drag
Release yourself
Stray from the pack
Your past, but never obssess
You learn from your stories, but beware of the glories
They're intoxication overpowers even the strongest of men
Nobody can resist the temptation
The lure, the positively ecstatic sensation of enclosing yourself in your own positive memories
Until you realize

Its time to wake up, because realitys here and you must remember,
Its all over now.

The End

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