My friend had her heart broken, and this is my dedication to her.

Is happiness an illusion,

That your heart is feeling, like an evolution,

Of emotions that may seem real,

But really, are far worse than you feel?


How can you satisfy your need,

If all the warnings you do not heed?

Do not rush in blind,

Stay out of a bind;

Protect, not just your heart, but your mind.


Will you ever recover,

From the massive endevour

That you have seen

In the past few hours, see how short it has been?


It is not you, it is not your heart,

It is them, the one, who tore you apart,

Who destroyed your innocence,

And ruined your incandescence.


Do not shed a tear,

Please do not fear,

For the loss is theirs,

Never will they find answers,

And always will they have despairs

As to why you are no longer theirs.

The End

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