In yesterday's tomorrow

poem on the effects of stumbling on today via the the shaky road of procrastination

<p style=""><p><p>Yesterday was bright and full<p><p>Yesterday i was young and hopefulI was a boy and i had dreams<p><p>Yesterday was easy and plain<p><p>Yesterday i looked to the rising sunAnd <p><p>yesterday all was set before me<p><p>Yesterday i saw the sun creepquietly into the golden horizon<p><p>Yesterday i made my bed of hope<p><p>And yesterday i made a silent prayer<p><p>Yesterday i longed for tomorrow<p><p>Tomorrow with the bounty of dreams<p><p>But alas! I was awakened before dawn<p><p>And found yesterday dead<p><p>Lost in the tick-tock of the hour hand<p><p>And born from yesterday's ashes arose the phoenix of yesterday's tomorrow<p><p>Now i wake a hurried man<p><p>While i slept a virgin boy<p><p>In yesterday's tomorrow up is down<p><p>Nothing is familiar within<p><p>I am lost in an undone space<p><p>In yesterday's tomorrow my dreams are bled<p><p>Hope implodes as prayers spill from the heavenly altar<p><p>In yesterday's tomorrow its fight or flight<p><p>In yesterday's tomorrow weakness is a sin<p><p>In yesterday's tomorrow i'm alone in many<p><p>And yesterday's eggs break prematurely<p><p>In yesterday's tomorrow sleep is no more<p><p>And dreams are left to the dead<p><p>My plans are nought in yesterday's tomorrow<p><p>Reality emerges unfriendly to me<p><p>But yesterday i planned to be rich<p><p>Now in yesterday's tomorrow i wake poor<p><p>My priority is now survival<p><p>In yesterday's tomorrow dreams are dead<p><p>I wish to escape from this spontaneous awakening<p><p>I yearn to return to the embrace of yesterday<p><p>Where all is once again familiar<p><p>Where i feed on dreams, hopes and prayers<p><p>I chase a shadow in this yearning<p>For eternally trapped i am in yesterday's tomorrow

The End

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