In The Memory Of My Nana (Wendy)

My nana died recently and we were really close (I mean she was my best friend and I loved her more then anyone) It hit me really hard and people have told me to write poems to get my feelings across. My nana was a great person, she was kind to everyone and everything, she never yelled or got angry and she always made me feel better. And I wished she never died.

I miss you to no end
You were my very best friend
My life seems pointless
My soul seems lifeless
Ironic this one small thing
How I finished the painting I can never bring
The day you died
I think my soul cried inside
So now I sit
And write this bit by bit

Because it's hard to say
But I'll love you always
And now that you have gone
I find it hard to move on
I do not know how to cope
For I lost all my hope
And so now I wait in the dark
Feeling that tugging at my heart
So now I sit
And write this bit by bit.

The End

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