in the matters of theft

i came across,

in my wanderings once,

a stolen object.

now, this object

was very valuable,

and i was sure

that the owner

would want it back

as soon as possible.

but i,

being selfish and greedy,

decided to keep it for my own.

and so i coveted it,

keeping it trapped inside an iron cage,

no room to fly.

and gradually i began

to become fond of this object,

a sweet thing in concept.

but i still wanted

to have it to myself, to hoard it

as if i were a dragon with a treasure.

and a treasure it was,

for when people heard of what i possessed,

they became jealous and angry.

finally the owner heard of my stolen prize,

and she came, and she took it away.

after all, she only wanted her object back.

for i,

being the monster that i am,

had stolen her heart.

The End

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