In the Looking Glass

its funny how,

as i look back now,

into that smoky looking glass meant to be a mirror

that i can now see 

all the cracks and flaws in what i once viewed as perfect-

and i guess in a way it is perfect,

perfect in its imperfections

but i cant help the feeling that its perfect that for someone sle,

someone that isn't me .

i can tell where the honeymoon ended,

and reality set back in-

i can actually watch as my face gradually falls,

and the tears and scars fill it back in,

like plaster filling a gash in a wall,

its all in the looking glass of my past.

i cannot really believe how tempered this glass has become;

how shattered, yet how put together the reflection i.

its enlightening, brightening the minds that delve in its history

those that are brave enough to witness the mistakes,

the memories,

the stories,

playing like black and white movies on a screen,

playing, playing,playing for all to see here in the looking glass.

The End

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