in the kingdom of sugu

sugu is on his plane,
in a world that exists in 2 places at once, always simultaneous,
re-created electronically and then modelled in 3-D
sugu is the architect and creator of his world,
and he inhabits it 24 hours, 7 days per week
there is a disturbance in the force
somewhere in his private matrix, the virtual captain,
the cosmonaut
psychonautical explorer

donning his google goggles

sugu sunk his sceptre into the good green virtual earth

there to spelunk the levels of a shared technocosm

hideous and beautiful

the curtain drawn by television

internet killed the video star

and this will do in the internet

the ascendent angels

a net of gems

now belonging to the veil he had adopted

everyone becoming a cartoon of themselves in three visible dimensions

and keeping tuned to the frequencies on their visors

mirator and visor

beholding the beauty and taking it in

the screen and the eyeball,

interacting against the only barrier the spirit has remaining


like jem and the holograms, each one of us is our own synergy now

The End

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