In the Future of Darkness

A poem written for a poetry contest at my school, based on one of my favorite video games. Enjoy.

Before the future of darkness, a bastion of time
Once roared beyond the horizon.
From this continent came a delicate chime.
And throughout the harmonious land…
Came springtime.

But in darkness fled the autumnal winds,
The winter waters, the midsummer waves.
Trapped and torn were the hearts of the brave,
To the deepest chambers, they resigned.

In the future of darkness, hope is as still
As the seconds that refuse to pass,
As the breeze that no longer blows,
As the insects trudging through the grass,
And as the earth halted below.

But in darkness, two hearts will shine
Like two swords slicing through the shadows.
With iron will mounted on golden plateaus,
The duo left their future behind.

The End

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