In the Eye of the Storm

This poem was written by me, supported by my best friend. I wrote it for one of our teachers who was suffering from cancer. It just tells you to be strong, no matter what you are going through.

What would she do?
In these short years?
Would she take in the most,
Or hide from her fears?

Being a slave of misery,
Losing a part of her pleasant history,
Surviving the storm of life,
And striving to end the strife.

Time unturned,
Pain unassuaged,
Jaws clenched,
She’ll make it through tonight.

Life may hold troubling times,
And have her down on her knees.
Life may make her feel downhearted,
Broken and powerless.

Passionate flames pulse
Through her veins
As she wanders
Across the lanes
Of blatant audacity

When night gave way to light,
She saw her might,
Determination draped her spirit,
And raised her esprit.

Broken and scarred
Yet stoic and undeterred
She left all paralyzed in awe
When she made it through another night
After all, she was in a fight
With none other than fibres of herself .

She never gave up
No matter how miserable
She might have felt
She always knew how
To make your heart melt

She’ll always be strong,
In the eye of the storm.
She lives in the present,
Letting go of the past,
And faces the future to come.

The End

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