in the end.Mature

douglas scott, yur my everything! 6.17.10 <3

i need to see you.
need to touch you.
need to hold you.
need to kiss you.

lay with me under the stars 
let me rest my head on your
chest & listen to your heartbeat
cuz it's my new favorite song

& my favorite place to be
is right there next to you
in your bed, against the wall,
in my car, on the floor 

your my heroin, 
my addiction,
keep me grounded, 
& keep me spinnin'

i'm your girl,
you're my man
promise to stay here,
as long as i stand

every minute spent with you,
is my new favorite memory
every second i breathe,
best believe it's for you

all you gotta do is wink and
boy, it makes me melt and
i remember every little thing
that you've ever said to me

you make me feel alive and
all it takes is one little smile
you make me shiver and 
all it takes is one touch. 

it's times like these when i'm
alone and breaking down
and i'm so very close to the
end, but i know in the end

you're still gunna be there,
right with me because you're 
the one i need & i'm what you want,
& i'm keeping it that way

The End

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