In the Dead of Night

Make what you will from this and tell me what you think the creature is

he comes as silently as the winter
that stalks summer the stars play
casting their light Illuminating their beauty
the Luminescent moon
casts the stolen light upon them
his weak voice becoming stronger now
as forgotten urges return to him
Soft moans heard only by the night
that stalks his dreams
His body shaking as he learns he is not alone
in darkness He emerges
his wounds still soft
as the cut gets bigger he begins
howling out in pain
as the blood slowly drains from his body
He runs deeper in the forest
wondering if he has lost the stalker
leaving behind the trees, as well as all human thoughts
and cravings
loosing himself in his raw instincts
the shot rings out piercing his acute senses
howling in agony he lays himself down in the grass
his eyes closing scumming to the pressing darkness
the sun awakes lighting the sky red
He awakens to the ache of a bullet
he now carries in his chest
the  beautiful creature,
that he loves and hates
he cries clutching his wound never again will he run
in the dead of night

The End

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