In Taksim Square (The People)

In Turkey, an uprising (informally known as Occupy Gezi) has been taking place. The casual brutality of the Police, the censorship of the Media surrounding the event and the abysmal handling of what started out as peaceful protest by the Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is indeed cause for deep sorrow.
If you don't know the full story already, it is in the description.

You told us we would be a great city

In the interest of capital you cut down the trees


Peacefully we took our own park, sat under the gentle shade of the trees

And sang good songs and beat drums

And set up camp under the cool glades and the Spring sun

And planted new plants in memory of the ones you had begun to take away


That night you sent your soldiers in

Under the flickering orange light of our burning possessions, we fled

Mercilessly you shot at us

And a wall fell down and crushed some of us

You seize us in the streets and beat us every time you think you can

Your media avoided our story and fed us lies

You try to silence us when we make a noise in our defence


We do not need your tear gas; we can cry on our own


Here we are in Taksim Square

And we are shouting your name and telling you to resign

You don't see us anymore, but you can hear us

That is why you try to silence us


This is enough, and here we stand

Ten thousand in Taksim Square

We are the voices of many, and the voice of one

Against the hypocrisy and violence of that night and of every night since

Which were on your orders


Speak not

Your actions have spoken for you


The End

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