In swathes the rain falls

A poem I wrote on a rainswept afternoon at the beginning of June 2012; I can't honestly name you an inspiration or motivation for this work as, like with all of my work it was spontaneously-created.
This is on a slightly more positive note than my first submission here - I say that as it's at least not about suicide - and with that in mind, do make of this what you will.

In swathes the rain falls

As if the Earth, cold-veined,

For its sacrifice.


Silent sits the world of the

Glistening and glamorous amid the

Streetlamps and their light

Still in swathes the rain falls

In spite.


In swathes the rain falls

Across the vast black galaxy of
the world

Of the night

Its wing over bruised and
darkened sky


Mustering with this its most

Of might.


As the cloud gives way to the

White of the moon

In swathes shall the rain not fall
for long

For soon


Soon, morning shall come

Arising above all


And the rain, in swathes,

Shall be gone.

The End

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