In rememberance 11/11/09 (91years)

A little thing i came up with, 2 rememberance parades ago. Found it here so i thought id post. Remember the brave soldiers who have given their lives in the past. And the ones who continually risk theirs today. All for the freedom of our nations.

we who wear this uniform
wear it in great pride
we shall never forget
the brave who have died

for they knew the risks and took them
they fought to keep us free
and we shall always honour this
for they fought for you and me

and our thoughts go to those who knew them
the loved ones left behind
mothers, children, widdows
for they will never find
another like their soldier, brave and full of life
who met this girl and took her home
home to be his wife.

But one day he never came back home
his squad was in a fight
and as he turned to cover his men
somebody turned off the light
the light that was his life
the light that lit so many
was extinguished in a field in france
where deaths were ten-a-penny

But we shall not forget him
nor let history move on
for we will always honour them
the brave men who have gone
this man was never recognised
his entire face was lost
but this man was one of many, they paid the highest cost

They never told his family, nor sent him home to bury
for they had no means to find his name and the war was in a hurry
so they laid him down in a grave well-dug.
and they carved upon his stone
"here lies an unknown soldier"

and he is not alone.

The End

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