In Need of Change

My Cousin is heavily involved in music. He writes his own music, creates his own beats, and I've been watching him write for a while. I never recorded with him, but i always wrote a verse to his beats as if I was going to be recording with him. found him again on Soundcloud and so I wrote this, and gave it its own title.

 No one ever has room for change

Pretending its sunny outside, never mind about the rain

I am sick to these games I was playing, it’s time for a change

I’ve been sitting here by myself thinking about my life

I’m a fallen victim to routine, never mind my rights

And I wonder to myself, am I on the right road?

All these problems come around, got me wanting to explode.

Walking around with these chains, I wonder if anyone knows.

Everyone is looking at me different, got me feeling so exposed

I’m stuck in this cycle, looking in at myself

I alone in this world, “I don’t need anybody else”

A lie I often repeat to myself. 

But in the end I recognize I’m going to need some help 

The End

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