In My Heart She Belongs

The loss of man's best friend

There was a time where there was a small hole in my heart,
Nothing was capable of filling it's depth,
It so remained, hurting, but I stayed bearing,
But then, a perfect piece that fit all dimensions of that gaping hole,
Hopped up on it's hinds, 
Slobbering me with love,
Barking with devotion,
Healed the wounds and setting me free.

She loved me.
There had never been judgment in her eyes,
Just friendship, trust and adoration,
She had become a companion, one I could depend on,
And all I could hope is that in one way or another,
I returned the favor,
To the sweet hearted puppy, 
That had saved me from sinking into darkness deep,

Today she has left,
To a place much better than her old,
She's be there, 
Lapping at the fingers of God,
And I'll stay here, quiet tears in my eyes,
Having made another place for her,
In my heart

The End

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