In My Forest

Where are you?
As the words escape your lips, I feel
The answer should be painfully obvious.
I am where I always was; always shall be.
Wandering in the shadowy underbrush, in the
Forest of Tranquillity and Happiness.
Forever on edge, my body not allowing me rest.
No respite for me. 

In this eternal forest, I am shrunken, minuscule
Forever in fear of an attack, always wary
Lest a giant's foot come crashing down, crushing
My last chance of escape into the sunlight
The sunlight; it's callous, carefree warmth an
Ever tempting pleaser for which I would risk everything.
It is not worth the risk. It tempts me,
Calling my name, offering false warmth, hiding only
Danger in its glare.

Where am I?
Your question reverberates inside my skull,
Morphing itself into my personal reflection
Transfiguring, squirming and writhing.
Making an all new question:
Why am I here?
Why don't I resume my true height, rejoin the
Giants in the light. 
As I contemplate, and gain the confidence needed,
I hear a growl
A feline. Danger is imminent.
It sees me not.
Back to the shadows I return. Hiding.

Where are you?
As the question escapes your lips
I chuckle lightly to myself.
I am exactly where you taught me to be.
My love, you put me here.
Forever hiding in these shadows, forbidding myself
To allow the sun to kiss my skin.
Trading that affection for the darkness, dampness of the underbrush.

Forever safe.

Forever scared.

Forever alone. 

The End

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