In My Dream

In my dream, there is snow whirling around my legs, beautiful, enchanting, exquisite, snow. But I feel no cold.

In my dream, I am walking among trees in full bloom, despite the fact that it is winter. Their green leaves brushing against my skin sweetly.

In my dream, the trees arc in a path to nowhere.

In my dream, I wrap my arms around an oak tree, its branches encompass me in a warm embrace.

In my dream, it is perfectly silent. There is not a whisper, not a moving branch.

In my dream, I am alone. There is no one to hide my dreams and ambitions from. No one to tell me that it is not possible or to laugh at my perception of the world.

In my dream, everything is right, I am truly happy.

In my dream, I am myself. I am who I want to be.

But I will not be happy for long. I must awake and return to the world. I must face the difficulties and challenges of society, and push my dreams and ambitions into the dark recesess of my mind until I can walk in my dream again, and truly be myself.

The End

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