In Memoriam

Dedicated to the fallen ones of 9/11 and their families.

   So long ago,                                    

it seems, that

we children, those

eleven years ago,

saw our nation

attacked and

our innocence

was stripped of

being safe.

Our lives as we

knew it, had changed.

We lived through

a tragedy that

nearly brought our

safety dome to its knees.

At a young age

we were faced

with an enemy

whose deadly

blows could not

be seen nor countered.

Yet, our lives

had changed slightly

compared to those

who had survived

the attack, or

the families of

those who loved one's

would never walk

through the doors

of their homes again.

The Towers, which

had stood glittering once,

became rubble and a

grave mark for those

who had been trapped

within its bowels.

What were they're last thoughts?

Did they have a chance to say good-bye?

To say "I love you" one last time?

And what about those

who risked their very

lives to walk into the

jaws of Death to

help those trapped?

They never got to see

the light of another Day.

Oh woeful that

was, oh so

many years ago,

but it still burns

fresh the memory

of the collapse of

those majestic towers.

The collapse..and the

feelingof life being

crushed mercilessly

under Fate's Wheel.

And the years after,

a thousand tears have

been shed for

every life lost.

And within every tear,

a piece of memory falls;

a piece of love

to those dead,

so that they know

they are not forgotten.


"So deep in our hearts,

we carry the pain

of those long-lost

to the Ferryman's game.

A thousand tears to

    be shed,

A thousand lives

    to mend.

Our sorrow, our loss,

so deep and so old,

swells with pain,

so fresh and so new.

A heart-wrenching cry

that calls to our ears,

describes loss beyond any years.

So deep in our hearts,

we carry the pain

of those long-lost

to the Ferryman's game."

  " The Song of Loss" - Arthur Martinez

The End

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