in love with a werewolf

it seems cupid's clever arrow

has tricked my heart again

and I'm stupidly bewitched

with something I can never have.

Wolf man.

He prowls in the dead of night,

where he goes follows no light,

and he tracked me down, captured my soul,

lay above my body and let lust take its toll

all the while believing I was only using him

as he used me.

But it's no wonder he went running

when he kissed me and felt that I felt something 


I'm not afraid of his yellow eyed gaze,

or his wayward ways.

Instead, I long to stray along his side

into the alleys where demons hide,

I want to make love to him until the stars bid us goodbye,

I want to be the one to change his drifting life.

But he is not of the human race,

and I am left lingering in this place,

remembering those two hours of bliss we shared,

hating myself for being so unprepared

to fall.

The End

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