In Love

I catch his gaze across the hall

my love tightens grip around my finger tips

as if blindly asserting "you are mine."

I squeeze back, and pretend I'm fine.

But in the suburbs of my mind

I'm reclined beneath the naked body

of another man,

a best friend that has held my hand

through break ups and heart aches

but never dared to take

more than an inch closer to my lips,

for the kiss we might create

could shatter our perfect little worlds.

It was the day my mouth was on the cheek 

of the boy I am with, the boy I love,

I caught his smile from across the room

and knew I could never be true,

because truth is

I'm in love with my best friend

more than I could ever love my boyfriend,

but I'm too afraid to make a move

to do anything at all.

The End

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