In Him

My Lord and Savior and all He means to me.

In Him I see my everything

A lover and a friend

In Him I see my future

My beginning and my end


In Him I see reflections

Of the one I used to be

In Him I see the possibilities

And a clearer destiny


In Him I see the hope

Of good things yet to come

In Him I see the wonder

Of things yet to be done


In Him I see my comfort

My shelter in the storm

In Him I see protection

That keeps me safe and warm


In Him I see forgiveness

Compassion in His eyes

In Him I see His healing

Brought on by you and I


In Him I see the beauty

The beauty all around

In Him I see the redemption

That brings the fallen up from the ground


In Him I see

All that makes Him perfect for me


A love that never dies

A friend always by my side

A future just around the bend

A hopeful beginning, a peaceful end

Reflections past

Possiblities to last

Hope for a better day

A wonder that takes my breath away

Comfort for my tears

Protection to keep my fears


Forgiveness for my foes

Healing for those in woe

A beauty first unseen

And the redemption that made me

Who I am



In Him I see the indescribeable

What no words can say

In Him I see the promise

Of a brand new day


In Him I see my being

Standing perfectly

And He knows that I'm not perfect

I'm just perfectly me

The End

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