In Her Arms

In this place, there is no pain.

This is no shame.

No negativity.


She wraps her arms around me.

Pulls me closer. Holds me tighter.

And I know I am safe.

Nothing can harm me.


She tenderly kisses me.

My forehead. My cheek. My lips.

Each kiss tearing down another wall.

Each kiss making me more relaxed.


She whispers the words softly.

“I love you.” “My girl.”

Each time making my heart warm.

My eyes water with tears of joy.


I pray silently.

I pray like I’ve never prayed before.

I pray for God to forgive me for ever being selfish.

I pray that this moment: right here, right now; will never end.


Because here, nothing else exists beyond these four walls.


Nowhere is safer than being inside this room.

In this bed. In her arms.

The End

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