In Fact She is In Love, With Another Man

Just exposing my feelings for a sophomore girl I met on the track team.

"You're my favorite freshman"

Words uttered and words I took in

My feelings erupted without a cause, with no affect

But to no avail it was not the same

My heart maimed

The thoughts engraved

and the moments I spend are forever saved

But the one thing that keeps me from touching the soft pale hands

of a soul that stops time and pauses my life, is that she is in fact

In love, with another man.

Now, granted I am of color but that doesn't stop me.

Why should it?

The color of her skin I cannot see

I am blind to everything except, her hair

The short hair that you can still catch blowing in the wind

That smile that can warm even the coldest of my days

And brighten even the darkest of my nights.

I drank with her and we stumbled up the street.

I holding her close to me and we laugh, our eyes meet.

The creases that form on her white cheeks

Her fingers find their way across my waist 

I feel her grasp she tries to hold herself up.

Finally, we get into the room, spill a container of rubber bands

We fall...but then

We layed drunken in the bed holding hands

But the thing is she is in love, with another man

I have not yet told her about that night.

Thing is she does not remember it.

It eats at me as I cry

My days and nights grow colder

Grow darker

Not because of winter no

But it is because of the fact that I can't tell her that

I love her as much as she loves him as much as he loves her

as much as I lover her...back.

Not because I'm scared, but it is because 

adversely...she does not love me, crap.

We wake up and I leave, I give her a hug


The times we had

will only end in hangovers, Advil, and rest

I sit in my own bed and wonder why God?

She is perfect for me, I thought I found love

I thought I would be her number one fan

I sit outside and light a cigarette in the night

The tears from my eyes fall out of sight

Because in fact she is in love, with another man.

The End

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