Now that you are gone... I Remember ...

I Remember you.. now that you are gone

Separated by time and space,

I never knew you as a man

I remember you, a child


July.... Will always be...

You left us, so suddenly

Never to return, until we see again

October... will always be...

You were born, only son


Your heart, so good..

Your kindness,

Your love,

All that you were will always be


A son, a brother, an uncle

A husband, a friend...

What you WERE is always

Going to be what you ARE

In our memories and hearts

You will always be the special someone

That you WERE


We miss you, the moment

We miss you, the day

We miss you, tomorrow

We miss you, forever


I remember you.... now that you are gone

Sunday morning... and someone came....

And someone came, and stole your life

And someone came, and stole our joy

And someone came......

One spilt second, if only....

No time, no chance.....

A piece of our soul has been taken away


The tears we cry we cry for us

The tears we cry, we cry for you

Good bye dearest brother....

We loved you and always will....

I remember you..... Now that you are gone....

The End

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