Remember still..

We remember the day with sadness

But the beloved person with joy

We still mourn the loss

But celebrate the memories


We feel the emptiness of his place

But are filled with gratitude

We lost a brother, son... now

But will rejoice with him...for eternity


Sunday, Sunday, will always sting the heart

The day that the precious soul

Was plucked away - setting us apart

But just for a moment....


He left behind a legacy of laughter,

A legacy of integrity and joy

A legacy of character and friendship

 A legacy of love....for us....abundant love


This world was not worthy of him....

For this world gives nothing but thorns

Washed in the blood of the lamb

He shines like the stars in the sky


We are grateful, we trust

We are patient, we wait

We are strengthened, we carry on

And we will see him again...

With a crown on his head, for the prince that he is...

The End

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