in a box never to be found

and i just cannot take this anymore.

and i finally thought i was done.

it's funny how as soon as you let your guard down, you find yourself trapped in the loop again.

leave silence to its own devices
with a dash of heartbreak because depression
is not something that can be cured with a smile
and you were a fool to think so
with your pretty red lips
and eyes that never understood anything anyways.
i am not perfect
but you thought that you could save me
though i am not something so easily fixed.
and i can have bad days,
i'm allowed that much.
but i cannot handle people saying
'oh come on, it's just a smile',
because it's not.
it is an expression of happiness
and that is an emotion
that i have not felt genuinely since
oh lets see,
i cannot even remember.
i am not a petty thief,
yet you act like i stole hope from you
in an act of larceny
when in fact
i just outlined depression for you
because hope should not be so easily lent.
and i am beginning to feel that anything
that is not depression
has been locked away
in a room of lost things
like my sanity and my talent and all of my time.

The End

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