Important World News: In Verse!

Find any event and make it a poem - it can rhyme (in an ideal world) or it can be something else - just say at the end (ie, free verse, sonnet, elegy, dactyl, quatrain, ode, limerick, haiku, rhyming couplets etc) I'm sure you can think of more. So pst and have fun x

See the funeral pyre rise,

Was it much of a surprise?

Osama Bin laden was due his death,

Eventually we all stop drawing breath.

But he was seriously ill!

How could he be but for his will...

To live, in a cave - no electricity,

His kidneys were failing see,

So on Dialysis he had to be,

And now he is buried, out to sea.

(Sort of rhyming couplets but a quadruplet at the end because I'm special!)

The End

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