Inspired by Rachel ( A.K.A) CassandraMorrow and the song with the same name by Skillet.

Crying on the floor with your face in your hands.

The mask's finally fallen.... what now?

The voices whisper....

"Oh no you can't cry..."

"That's pure weakness..."

The tears are overwhelming you and your praying with your whole heart.

God please...

Let me be someone else.

Someone who's better than me.

Someone who's not such a screw up.

But you feel so alone.

Until God says,

" My sweet child,"

"I Made you,"

" I was nailed to a cross for you,"

" I don't care about all your flaws,"

" Because you're worth every drop of my blood that was spilled,"

" And here right now, you've proven that human perfection..."

" Is an error, on your knees here,"

" Because I love you as you are,"

" I created you to be just the way you are,"

" And my child,"

" I am very, very proud,"

" To be your father."


The End

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