immortality in the tears of space dust

do you think stars cry as much as we do my dear

in beauty and in pain they watch us
but my question is if you think the pinpricks of light watching our failures
know what the word depression means 
how it curls around your tongue 
and seeps into your skin with a peculiar toxicity 

but i guess they must 
because we watch the stars every night 
not caring if they look back at us or not 
and we point careful nails at the flickers embedded in the sky 
the endless blanket of darkness tucked in around us both 
warmer than any bed i've laid in 

and i feel that one day we must become immortal 
you do not seem like something that can fade with time 
and i will carve words into the sides of my coffin when i die
so you see we must like forever 
in a bid to outwit mortality 

and when they dig up our bones
side-by-side and nothing more than calcium and marrow 
they will think that we were girls

they will estimate our ages and not know what we were to each other 
a sun and moon in constant orbit 
disobeying the laws of astrophysics 
just for a sip, a taste of love

they will call me female. 
by my bones they will name me girl and woman 
and they will misgender me in death 
with dysphoria sinking its dreaded claws into my flesh 
even when i am dead i will suffer for the gender politics of my world

but with you
i will be immortal. 

and we will make the stars cry 
and we will live forever 
and we will never be called anything but what we are / were / will be. 

The End

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