As my soul, the ocean blue

Every wave so cold

Dragging me further away from you

As cruel as it seems

Hopelessly forgotten

Eternally damned to walk alone in these endless dreams


The frost, it burns

Infinitely wandering

Damned to remain as the cruel world turns

To watch, knowing that time goes by

Denied the right

To parish and die


Immortality how cruel a fate

The blood of a lover

Painful thirst we must sate

Never to ascend to that world above

An angel with clipped wings

An angel stripped of all love


One given lives to take

To relieve pained souls

And devour hearts that we break

Who is at fault?

But those controlling us…

The world’s adult


Who set us out in the rain

Let loose our secrets inside

And the source of our pain

Devouring all our pride

Contempt in distain

To laugh aloud as we cried


But now the sound of revenge pierces the night

Those rising up

Taking over, to end this raging plight

Let their heads hang high!

Scream from the gallows

Let loose a mighty cry


Fill the hearts of those inside

Let those our valiant cries

Take revenge for the times they’ve lied

Nothing that they can possibly mend

Left to wander aimlessly

And so now to this endless war comes the end

The End

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