A performance poem about maturity.

If I go to a party, and see at least one girls tit, that day will be my best day of that season.


I’d drink myself to the point where the toilet could be advertised as a painkiller. But fuck standing up, It’s not that I don’t trust my aim, I just like to keep things as clean as possible.


I often find myself apologizing for actions the morning after inebriation. It’s weird. I’ve grown old enough for understand consequences but not enough to try and and avoid them.

Old enough to regret the relationships I’ve destroyed then still find time, to break down a few more.


I’m still scared of commitment. I’ll spend 2 years learning to love all of your facets and flaws, but spend so much more of that time looking for a cause.

Exploring why I bother to love anyone when I feel so insecure. You’re affection may grow but I’ll never feel sure. It all becomes a chore. Asking you to outline whatever good in me you thought you saw. But sometime or later I’ll be asking for a redraw.


It’s a funny word ‘insecure’. It’s funny that even with all the nightmares we’ve been through. The experiences we’ve accrued. The places we’ve had to get to, Your deepest fears will always be about you.

You and your expectations you feel you must attain.

You and your image you present to those who judge.

You and your aptitude for keeping those you love happy.


Even now. I’m only saying this because I’m scared I’m far too immature for life I lead,

and I know anyone else in my position would want to hear these words.

  1. Mistakes are as natural as breathing.

With both it is imperative that at some point you must let go. You must exhale and exorcize what is unnecessary from your body. You must learn to forgive yourself.


2. Unsurity is the siamese twin of certainty.

Before you come to a decision you must be comfortable in the knowledge you will never know what the future holds  but if you ever want to move forward, it requires that all important first step... so put your best foot forward.


and 3. Bolster yourself. Be proud in the understanding that your 2 feet hold a place in this world that no else can fill. That everyday you live is your opportunity to bend the universes will. That live may not be a continuous thrill but boy is it scary!

You have a lifetime of wishes to fulfill.

So settle down. Life is a series of small discoveries. No one expects you to find everything.

All we ask is that you don’t ever stop looking.

The End

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