Out of darkness I saw 

Colors of ardor, despondency, mi amor

Glints of fresh memory and old knowledge 

And the feeling of forever ever ever more

I feel

Is that strange?

That despite shadowy images 

False corrections around round stony tables

I feel your skin, your heat, your simple in-out breath

And I feel reality


In a dream so strange and fleeting


Lost and abandoned 

On a dark and unfamiliar stage

Left voiceless

Left with the fear of knowing

That in any real world I'm having a stroke

I cry for help 

I feel 

Is that strange?

That in this world of disapproving faces

Familiar, unfamiliar, the same

I panic when my voice is gone

Yet keep calm

When the old western doctor

Pulls needles from my flesh?

Pain in bursts fleeting


Locked in a room 

With a bed

In a brothel of whores whose death I fear

Look down and count to ten 

Horrified I believe it's all tangible and real

But the fingers writhe 

I am in control

I feel 

Is that strange?

That despite the spaciousness

The instantaneous-ness

I feel music in the air 

And wind in my untamed hair

And is this happiness?

Or imagination so fleeting?


Eyes in my hands

Still in control 

As I sit in a doorless mirrored room

Making silly faces 

Escaping their taunting doom

I feel

Is that strange?

That despite the smallness

The coziness of a make believe room

I feel the vibrations of an unwanted buzz

Shaking the mirrors

Killing my ears 

Bringing out tears and fears 

Escape to the people meaning me harm

Escape! Escape!

Wake wake WAKE!

Still and unable to move

Imagine a place 

Where my mind is at peace 

With pillow, bed, and fleece

Darkness returns

No no NO! 

I cannot go!

I cannot leave this place of fear!

Wake up, fall asleep

It's all the same thing

Sit up in bed

Look down 

Count to ten with a feeling of dread

As I miss a number 

I cannot add in my head

Is this reality?

Or simply a dream never fled?












The End

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