Brown or Blue?

I need poetry to explain emotions....

I was blue


What were you?

Tools and dirt

Spare pieces of grass

Brown perhaps

Iris hidden

Shaded in mystery lids

And in your eyes

Was I like the sea?

Or the sky?

Fluctuating. Deep. Immense?

Smiling. Infinite. Untouchable?

Or none of those?


Curtain of dirt

I wore for you

Am I brown or blue?

Because I was touched

And I don't feel like much

And though you could swim endlessly

In the smallest corners of heart

My eyes are brown

And yours are blue

So then what is my hue?

Outside dirt smeared

Inside windswept

And if together we stand on earth

Admiring the other's dust

Content with simple brush



How much more then

Would we smile

To fly free?

And sail along the other's blue seas

Uncharted pieces of heart

Like sapphire gem

And in past there was the dream

Of touching horizon

Blue to blue

But now

In dirt

Grassy hair

I lost you

The End

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