I don't like non-rhyming heres a rhymong one

Imagine a world where words did not rhyme,

Where man was all limited by space or by time,

Where words were all meaning and they sure would be

Angry and saddened, confined and not free.

This world that you see, in front of your eyes,

Is nothing but fakery, a clever disguise

To hide all the words, and wordsmiths who make,

Sweet rhymes with sweet nothings, in which you will take

All kinds of great pleasure, excitement to see

These words on a page where no words should be.


These poems today, emotion is all

That poets write down, the poems their call

Of anger and sadness depression and lust,

The words are all there, but rhyme do they must?

No! Today all the rhymes are considered to own

Age as their essence, impossible to loan

Things such as rhyme to poems from now,

To put pen to paper and ask yourself how?

To make such words rhyme with meaning still kept

Impractical they say, thus away rhymes were swept


Imagine a world where words did not rhyme

You live in one now and this world is a crime!

The End

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